No Pain, No Gain


Let face it. Your boobs have been stretched, cut, tugged, and rearranged. If a woman had this done to her legs or any other body part, it would hurt. The same applies here. No matter how much you wanted this, you are going to be in some pain. Tenderness is probably going to be your companion for several weeks, maybe even months. Some bleeding is also possible. Do you feel like you bench pressed a couple cars and refrigerators? No pain, no gain is in operation here. However, you are not alone. Many women have been where you are and several others are making plans, happily ripping airbrushed celebrity boob photos out of magazines right now. However, the physical discomfort should eventually pass. All growth involves some level of risk and pain. Enhancing your boobs isn’t any different than working out your muscles to fatigue. They’ll hurt but the pain goes away, and you’re left with something bigger and stronger. In your case, new, indestructible boobs.