Your Partner Or Friends Grim Reaperish Face


The images and fantasies you had of your partner tackling you to the ground and professing how hot you look under the full moon did not come to pass, or your best friend saying you look amazing. On the contrary, your partner and friend’s first glance at your boobs mirrored how one looks when facing the Grim Reaper or being confronted by a Canadian Grizzly Bear coming out of hibernation. Try not to take their reactions to heart. Remember they are also adjusting to your new look and probably loved your old boobs just as much. Maybe he or she did not even want you to fool with your old chest. Time heals all wounds, including  your new boobs and the hurt you feel because of your partner or friend’s crappy reaction. Comfort yourself with the fact that we live in a shallow world, and eventually your boobs will conquer all comers.