More Surgery


The last you want is to go through this ordeal again. Well, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Most females end up getting more surgery to fix some issues. Your implants may deflate and not necessarily at the same time, so your surgeon may need to go back in there and make things right. If you fall into the category of women who reject the implants and have too many side effects, then you may have to go back to square one which means taking out the implants and retracing your steps. However, getting back to what your chest looked like before the surgery will be rough and insurance may not foot the bill this time. Sags, flops, and scars are now part of the package. Your surgeon will try his best, but your boobs may never look like their original form. Accept it and know that the only constant thing in life is change. If you watched the show “Nip/Tuck” on FX, you’ll realize that correcting mistakes is part of many boob jobs. The only perfect creation was when you were born. Everything else is a work in progress, and your artificial boobs are all part of that truth.

Good luck with your new boobs!